How it Works

  1. To take this class you need a computer (or laptop or tablet) and internet access. This is a self-study course combined with an interactive online forum.
  2. YOU TAKE THIS CLASS AT YOUR OWN PACE. There are no set hours and if you want to review something you can go back any time. The class is designed to last 10 weeks. However, you can read the materials much faster than that if you want but you will miss the immersion experience. It is recommended that you study one Archetype a week over ten weeks.
  3. From time to time Laurence may host a live class where you can ask questions and see other students online. You will receive announcements of such opportunities. Please do not bring your technical questions here but contact Laurence privately if you are having difficulties.
  4. There will be a private online forum for this class, a chat room, where you can post your questions that then will be answered by Laurence. This allows others taking the class at the same time to benefit from your questions as well. The questions remain as an archive for all students to see over time. Laurence will monitor this forum and occasionally comment and guide.
  5. Weekly postings include live recorded videos, audio recordings to download and listen to off-line, reading materials, and work sheets.
  6. Once you register and pay your tuition you are sent a package with further information and a login code.
  7. What you get out of this class is commensurate with what you put in. You can watch, listen, and learn a little bit, or you can fully engage with the presented material, do all the assignments, and engage with your classmates. This is your immersion. Tipping your toe in or a full dive: all kinds of learning are welcomed here.