Course Overview

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Archetypes can be defined as universal principles, core ideas, and experiences that permeate the human experience everywhere. Archetypes are also eternal and have a certain more than human quality to them. This means that being aware of archetypes, within ourselves and in the world around us, is a way of stepping into something vast and meaningful. No one knows this better than Laurence Hillman, internationally acclaimed author, teacher, and archetypal scholar with forty years of experience. 

But why ten?

Ten Archetypes

The planets in the sky connect us. No matter where we go in the world stargazers are watching the same planets move through the heavens. As an archetypal astrologer Laurence has studied the movement of the planets and their synchronous correspondence in people's lives for forty years. This has led to his understanding that we can explain just about anything with the extraordinary richness of the ten planetary building blocks if we understand them as archetypal.

This course is about astrology and it is also far broader than that.

Archetypal Worldview

Laurence's worldview is archetypal. This means that nothing is merely as it appears. As a matter of course he always sees underlying forms, structures, and stories. When he sees a person dance out of line, buck the system, and go their own way, he sees their Inner Renegade. This is an archetype, a universal expression that was as present in the French Revolution as when you broke up with your first love. It does not matter when in history, or where in the world, this archetype shows up. While time and place modify the particular expression of an archetype, with a developed sensibility we can recognize such core principles universally and through time. 

This course is about developing such sensibilities. You will dis-cover how the ten archetypes express themselves through you by consciously immersing yourself in their world. This way you will be able to recognize them in the world around you.

We all have an Inner Renegade, a part of us who disrupts, invents, wears purple hair, and sometimes gives the third finger. For some, this archetype —"personality trait" is an appropriate term hereis what they are most known for. For others, there is only a faint memory of this part of them.


This course is about re-connecting with all ten inner archetypes.

Why? Because that is when you live the most complete life you can. It is Laurence's contention that by the end of this course you will agree with this bold statement: With the ten archetypes explored here we have the tools to understand anything that we come up against in the complex and difficult world of today.

Join Laurence for an adventure! Explore the richness of your fullest life possible.