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"A blend of poetry, art, mythology, and psychology, the course presents ten archetypes of human consciousness in a manner that is as stylistically gorgeous as it is profound.  The course material is disturbing, beautiful, and liberating.  Lectures are engaging,  given in small chunks of wisdom.  Best of all, Mr. Hillman, the instructor, is deeply engaged with the course material and with his students." -- Nancy Welliver

"The Archetypal Immersion online course was a profound experience for me. Laurence was an adept and skillful guide on an insightful journey through the landscape of archetypes. I had only a basic knowledge before his class, but I emerged from the journey with a deeper understanding of the terrain of the interior dimensions of life. Each week a different archetype was explored. Most weeks, uncovering the archetype offered a rich and beautiful view on a certain interior dimension that I was happy to experience. Other weeks, I was challenged to look at parts of myself that were sometimes difficult to face. However, Laurence has the unique ability to guide students through this rocky terrain gently and carefully. I felt held and supported through the class, and the result was like cleaning the lens through which I view the world, myself, my relationships, and my path in life." -- Heather Barrett

Archetypal Immersion

CHILD, TRICKSTER, LOVER, WARRIOR, and so. Who is running the show?

Laurence Hillman, world-renowned author, teacher, and archetypal thinker is leading this ten week immersion into the core principles of life.

Enhance your abilities to understand yourself, others, and the world around you in a meaningful way.

Enrich your life by refining senses you already have with a treasure hunt for your soul.

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Love & Addiction

Stopping the Hurt, Choosing What Works

Simon Heathcote, former sex and love addiction therapist at the world-renowned The Priory Roehampton, London, also advised the BBC on relationship addiction.

In this short intensive, you will understand how archetypes work in your deep longing soul.

Gain meaningful insight into love and obsessions with a fresh view, realizing that you are not alone.

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Inspiring Dreams & Sleep

Forging a Deeper Connection with Your Sleep and Dreams

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The Truth Within

Finding and Working With Your True Self