Questionnaire and Feedback

Dear Student,

Thank you for taking the first-ever course at the Hillman School and for embarking on what was, certainly for me, an adventure.

As a last step I ask you to fill out the form below. This should not take you long at all. The questionnaire is anonymous in the hopes of getting completely straight answers from you. The Hillman School is of great importance to me and I can only learn and improve it when I get feedback from you about what could be better next time. Online teaching has its particular pros and cons and I continue to refine the presentations. This feedback is also useful for the other teachers at the school.

Your honesty and reflection on what has happened for you over the last ten weeks is very valuable to me.

I hope to see you in another class in the near future, either one that I teach or one taught by one of my talented teachers.



The scale is 1-5 with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

How would you rate your own ability to show up and follow through?
Given your rating (above), how well did the course meet your expectations?
Did you sign up in Slack, the online chat room?
What were reasons this course was a challenge for you? You can check as many as you wish.
When it comes to technology, how do you learn best?
How well do you feel that the course followed through on what it promised to deliver?
How would you rate the weekly content?
How would you rate my ability to guide and hold the container for this class?
Would you recommend this course to others?
Was the price of the course proportionate to what you received?