Archetypes & Gender

It is important to be precise with our language. Especially around gender issues huge assumptions and stereotypes underlie everyday words such as "mankind."

It is also important to understand two key things when talking about archetypes.

  • Every one of us, regardless of gender, skin color, age or any other particulars has all ten archetypes within us. For instance, every woman has an inner King and a warrior within her, and every man has an inner Queen and a seductress within him. That said, we want to recognize how, for instance, the seductress, when expressed through an old man, will be different than when she expresses through a young woman. Or, through an old woman and a young man. 
  • Except for the King and the Queen, each archetype has female and male expressions. The Warrior is equally valid when expressed through the huntress and Greek goddess Artemis or through a medieval knight. The Trickster is as valid when recognized in a swindling businessman or in a mom who juggles three kids and a job. Gender fluidity is most helpful when thinking about archetypes.

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